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  1. Wish List 2005
  2. Skimmer Type
  3. How did you score?
  4. Clam Info
  5. Water Purification
  6. How much do you spend each month?
  7. CanReef At Work?
  8. Tank Record Keeping
  9. ca reactor media
  10. Diversification?
  11. Submersible Return Pump?
  12. Ponds?
  13. Feeding Habits
  14. Optimal Orientation of MH Bulbs?
  15. do you use a UV Sterilizer
  16. Dosing supplements?
  17. Bloodworms in reef???
  18. What instrument do you use to measure salinity?
  19. Very first tank
  20. Is my puffer to fat?
  21. how do i get green algee to not come back
  22. Photo contest
  23. Bags or Buckets - best transportation method
  24. Magnesium testing
  25. black or blue?
  26. Fluidized Beds On Reefs and FOWLRs- Waste of Time?
  27. Fish And Marine Aquarium / Aquarium Fish Magazine
  28. Phosphate removal
  29. Lighting Poll
  30. Fish Room Color
  31. Your Spouse/Significant-Other/Parent says "No more fish tanks." What do you do?!
  32. Which of these T5 combinations to pick?
  33. Two MH systems which is best?
  34. To keep or not to keep
  35. Experience with seahorse survival
  36. Coral food
  37. starting out
  38. tank drilling
  39. unnecessary equipment but best investment
  40. How long do you age your new water?
  41. Your aiptasia experience/s?
  42. transport from Vancouver to Calgary??
  43. Your Salinity
  44. What Salt do you use?
  45. Whats under your rocks?
  46. What Calcium Reactor do you use?
  47. How often do you do water changes?
  48. Have you ever called in sick to work on your reef tank?
  49. LFS ratings (Lower mainland)
  50. Have u ever lied to your better half about the price of a fish?
  51. Wii internet usage
  52. What kind of lighting are you using?
  53. Do you read TFTOTM write up
  54. How much time do you spend on your own tank?
  55. What do you use for flow?
  56. Do you have Red Bugs?
  57. How much are you willing to spend on an amazing frag?
  58. How long to you run your metal halides
  59. How much does it cost to have a tank?
  60. Who uses quarantine tanks?
  61. Mandarins...who has a healthy one?
  62. Idea for Polling fish mortality rates
  63. Generator
  64. How many tanks do you have running right now?
  65. What kind of SW Tank do you have?
  66. New Vancouver area store!
  67. What types of food do you use?
  68. Clam Mortality Poll
  69. Clam Mortality Part 2
  70. How many times have you "gotten" out of the hobby (salt or fresh)?
  71. Are you switching to T5
  72. Would you take coral from a tank that had ich?
  73. Who Has a Coral Propogation System?
  74. Do you run UV sterilization?
  75. Science or Art
  76. Best Salt??
  77. Lighting
  78. For people with 180 gallon+ systems, how much is your electricity bills per month??
  79. Phosphate control
  80. Work or Play
  81. How old am I?
  82. Potter's Angel - reef safe?
  83. what type of stand pipe?
  84. Water filter system
  85. What type of water or filtering do you use?
  86. Do you sell equiptment for less than what its worth?
  87. What is your biggest addiction with this hobby?
  88. whats your biggest addictions with this hobby - revised
  89. Let GSP grow on the back wall?
  90. Coral eating Tiger Cowrie
  91. PH Monitoring
  92. Best test kits
  93. Removing RJ from the picc thread.
  94. The Cost of Reefing
  95. The Cost of Reefing Part 2
  96. The Cost of Reefing Pt3 and Final
  97. What are your reef keeping methods?
  98. How do I create polls??
  99. The Cost of Reefing - Summary
  100. Who vacuums their sandbed?
  101. ZeoVit users poll
  102. How much would you spend[Live Stuff]
  103. How long were you in the salt hobby before joining canreef?
  104. What brought you into Reefing?
  105. Do you have your Divers certification?
  106. Vote for what??
  107. If you could have 220V for your tank, would you?
  108. Tank Preference
  109. Hows everyone dealing with the summer heat?
  110. Tunze or vortech pump
  111. What kind of coral makes you go ape nuts?
  112. Filter sock or no filter sock?
  113. ocellaris vs percula
  114. Best method to control bristle worms
  115. How long did you fish survive?
  116. Who's Going to Win the Nano Contest? (Updated w/ Pictures)
  117. Would you/Do you use an Algae Turf Scrubber?
  118. Bedroom Tanks??
  119. 100% Certified Cyanide Free Reef Fish for Sale.
  120. Hydroids
  121. Aquarium controller or individual controllers?
  122. Who has used 'surge' devices and what kind?
  123. Economy Crunch!!!
  124. How do you control humidity?
  125. Custom Sump vs. Megaflow Series
  126. How long is your photoperiod?
  127. Do you use GFO?
  128. Reef Salt Brand
  129. DkH
  130. Paint background or not?? PICS inside....
  131. How old is your oldest coral?
  132. % water changes & Top off water?
  133. what keeps you going back?
  134. Does Your Copperband Butterfly Eat Aiptasia?
  135. Feeding Live
  136. How Long Do You Mix A Fresh Batch Of Salt?
  137. What do you use for Aiptasia Control?
  138. What are people dosing these days?
  139. open top tank?
  140. RO/or no RO
  141. Name your poison
  142. Are the Vortech MP40 Worth the $$$
  143. Swine Flu/H1N1 Vaccination - Yes or No?
  144. Zeovit products
  145. How crabby is your crab?
  146. calcium and alkalinity methods?
  147. Aquascaping Aesthetics
  148. How do you secure your live rock?
  149. How old are you?
  150. Poll: you decide fate of bristle worm
  151. Who tests their water-change mix?
  152. Should we have a poll to get rid of a poll that's 35 options long
  153. Do you test to determine when your GFO needs changing?
  154. Dosing
  155. Yes! Yet another dosing poll. For those using Randy Holmes-Farley recipes ...
  156. DSB Dynamics- To use or loose?
  157. Polls that have too much information
  158. Background Colour
  159. CUC per 5 gal?
  160. Fauna or Zeo
  161. Blenny vs Goby
  162. changing carbon
  163. Are large brittle stars safe with fish and inverts?
  164. How many people have had a tank crash
  165. bristle worms, good or bad?
  166. Dendronephthya Carnation Corals
  167. Tops or No Tops?
  168. Tank Length Survey
  169. What alkalinity level do you keep in your REEF?
  170. What's the Most Baking Soda you've Added Safely?
  171. Green Brittle Star
  172. Platinum clownfish, like them or hate them
  173. Do you smoke in your house????? vote for more than 1 if nessisary
  174. pH Fluctuation
  175. Breaks the rules, and get away with it??
  176. Lawnmower Blenny: Cute or Ugly
  177. So it's 2010 now. Who still uses a calcium reactor and who's all on 2-part dosing?
  178. Gfci ......
  179. Water Changes - from sump or display
  180. Who's going to fragfest???????
  181. Frags or Full Peices
  182. How did you get rid of Aptasia?
  183. How do YOU lower your Nitrates and Phosphates?
  184. Economy blues poll
  185. How did you get rid of majanos?
  186. Are you happy with your current saltwater setup?
  187. Man Made Live Rock poll?
  188. Best shorty skimmer
  189. high school classroom tank
  190. 40g Frag tank - 24x24x12 or 36x18x14?
  191. Reef tank temperature
  192. Lawnmower Blenny Poll
  193. What is the noisiest part in your aquarium?
  194. Overflow Box Placement 40g/50g breeder tank
  195. Light Cycle
  196. Skimmer Choice
  197. Miracle mud
  198. anemone and fish death?
  199. What is the temp of your tank?
  200. No3 in sps tank's?
  201. Is my ozone generator dead?
  202. UV Sterilizer. Good or Bad?
  203. UV Light Good/Bad
  204. How many of you sneak things home?
  206. Mixed reef salinity
  207. Do I need a chiller?
  208. Why do tanks crash?
  209. Are you happy with your LED's???
  210. acclimatize coral?
  211. Is Marine Reef Tanks a Guy Hobby?
  212. Flow Options
  213. To filter sock or not to filter sock?
  214. How many coral species in your tank?
  215. How could I make a poll?
  216. Is your moon lights ON all night long ?
  217. Best Sea Salt for Reef Tanks?
  218. 72" Aquatinics Constellation - Good enough for SPS?
  220. Lighting Hours
  221. Lighting hours
  222. 65Gallon Aqueon Megaflow owners survey
  223. Aiptasia - good or bad name for a Girl
  224. Refugium or Not?
  225. Would anyone be interested in a water treatment "course" for reef hobbyists?
  226. How old are you?
  227. How stable do you keep your temperature?
  228. Lighting options
  229. Nassarius vs Turbo
  230. poll how?
  231. Do you have a Mandarin?
  232. What does it mean to skim hard
  233. Have you ever paired a goby and shrimp?
  234. Lighting Period
  235. Torch not doing so well?
  236. Deeeeluxe or simple system?
  237. RO Water/Tap Water
  238. To Filter with your Socks or not?
  239. How long has your current (primary) tank been running?
  240. How often do you test your water?
  241. Considering ATO
  242. QT Filtration Necessary?
  243. edmonton - who would you like to see come give a speech/presentation?
  244. Do you quarentine invertebrates and if you do for how long?
  245. Too much light?
  246. How social are you?
  247. sticks or bones???
  248. Spread the Stupidity
  249. to skim or not to skim
  250. Favorite store in Edmonton