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Default Zoanthids (or Zoos!)

Sea Mat An Ocean of Color for the Aquarium By Blane Perun

Zooanthids by Eric Borneman

Zoanthid Predators and Irritaters

Zoanthid Photo Gallery -

The Zoanthids: Sea Mats, Yellow Polyps, and Button Polyps by James W. Fatheree

Zoanthids (aka Sea Buttons, Colonial Anemones) by Bob Fenner

Polyps: as Cute as a Button by Julian Sprung

Some links to various issues addressed on ReefCentral:

If your zoas seem to be losing color:
Green Buttons Turning Brown
Zoo Problem
My Zoo Losed The Color
Color Under 6,5k PC Prop System...

Zoanthid Compatibility:
So Zoa's and Rics Get Along Fine Right??

Zoanthid Growth Rates:
How Slow do PPE Grow?
Zoo Growth Under Actinic
ZOOS Growing??????How Fast Do They Grow?
Let's See The Growth!!!
Serious Discussion on Zoanthid Growth Rates

Zoanthid Identification:
Difference Between Zoo's and Paly's
Are These Zoas
ID Plz

Zoanthid Placement in reef tanks:
How Much Light Before Color Loss Occurs?What Lighting Works?Placement of Zoos

Hitch Hikers/Pests with Zoanthids:
Yellow Sponge taking over Zoanthids
Nudi Eggs?
Worm Eating My Zoas!
Small Maroon and Gold Blobs Killing Zoanthids
New to Zoanthids... They Came with Starfish
Predatory Snails

Melting/Rotting/Fungused Zoanthids:
How Do You Get Rid of White Fungus
Anyone Have These White Spots on Zoas?
Help, Pink Zoo's Not Opening After 2 Weeks
Zoos Closing and Dissolving???
Zos Wont Open

General Zoanthid Care:
Removing Nudi's and Eggs
I Don't Have Lugol's But Will Either of These Work?
Zoo Dip
New Zoo Owner... Need Some Help
Acclimation a Total Waste of Time?
Frequent Water Changes Affect Zoas? How?
Inspect Before You Buy!!!!

Fragging Zoanthids:
Epoxy for Zoa
How Do I Frag My Zoo's. Some of Them are Taking Over
Attaching Time

Cautions with Zoanthids (toxins):
HELP!!! Palytoxin????
A Warning About Toxicity. A MUST Read.
Christy's Reef Blog

My 180 Build

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