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Thanks for visiting our new community. At Canreef, you'll find great resources in our discussion forums and we have a good community of avid hobbyists to share ideas with you. Membership is free and easy. As a member, you'll be able to ask questions, discuss issues, share your experiences, and submit photos in the gallery.

Photo Of The Month - by BlueTang<3

Fall 2013 - Featured Tank - Bblink's Reef
Featured Tank
Latest Sponsors Actions
Reef Wholesale Epic Warehouse Build
Posted On 03-27-2014
As you may have noticed, we have been a bit quiet on the forums lately.

If you have been following our facebook group;
you will have seen that we undertook a fairly large warehouse move, which we lovingly named
"Operation Move...
tank build journal
Posted On 12-09-2013
Well the time has come and decision has been made for me to upgrade from an inwall 6 foot mix reef tank to a 10 foot by 32 by 31inches in-wall tank with a tear style sumps that will house 130glns skimmer,160glns Tons of rubble rocks and a 6 foot 120 glns frag system.:biggrin:.

Started some...
Posted On 02-17-2014
Hey guys!

We will be making another large order for Jebao WP wavemakers and DC pumps.

If you would like to predorder your pump, let me know. We will not be undersold and will give you the best price guaranteed.!

If you find a better price, send me a link or a picture of wherever you... Read More...
Facility Move a Company Insight
Posted On Yesterday
Thought we would share some news about our upcoming move and why and how our business decisions effect you the end user.

Aqua Digital inc has always made sure we keep our business costs down so ultimately the end user gets the best possible deal with products we carry, staff cost money,... Read More...
Thank you!
Posted On 04-18-2014
Just wanting to thank Dan and Isabelle ( especially Isabelle) for the excellent customer service! Canada Corals, like the other east coast sponsors are excellent to deal with and they offer a wide variety of corals for all reefers. The packaging, shipping and care of the corals and clams are... Read More...
Canada Corals Order
Posted On 04-18-2014
Just received my order of corals and Ultra Tahitian Maxima clam from Canada Corals. Some of the best packaging I have seen. Everything looks great and appears to be doing well. Shipped from Ontario to Grande Prairie Alberta by Westjet. Excellent customer service, look forward to ordering again... Read More...
Prodibio NEW products in stock
Posted On 04-18-2014

Great news the New drip feed system from prodibio for tanks larger than 250 gallons is now in stock making this by far the easiest UNLS on the market.
...
Still Canadas Most Trusted Source For Evergrow LED Lighting
Posted On 02-09-2014
We have been selling Evergrow LED Fixtures for coming up on 2 years now and have worked very hard to provide the best possible before and after purchase service in the industry. These fixtures have have become the go to for people looking to keep a successful reef without breaking the bank and... Read More...
Corals in Stock (April 17th 2014)
Posted On 04-17-2014
...
Canada Corals warehouse build thread
Posted On 05-23-2013
Ever since we moved into the new warehouse, I haven't had time to hit the Forums as much as I would like so I decided to start a build thread to document our progress and keep you guys updated.

Here is a picture of the warehouse:
...
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POTM Entries & Votings
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Product Review and Equipment Forum
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Has Attachment Reef
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0 Anyone seen true white flexible PVC?
Today 02:30 AM
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5 FishyFishy! 142
0 What kind of crab is this?
Has Attachment Reef
Today 01:14 AM
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0 Another Flatworm topic (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Today 12:56 AM
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Tank Journal
Today 12:48 AM
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0 Wavemakers.. Thoughts?! (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Today 12:39 AM
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0 In this thread post your most idiotic reefing mistake (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Today 12:28 AM
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0 Reef Wholesale Epic Warehouse Build (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Reef Wholesale
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0 Maxima Clam Question
Today 12:09 AM
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0 Grande Prairie Salt Water (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Yesterday 11:19 PM
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