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Thanks for visiting our new community. At Canreef, you'll find great resources in our discussion forums and we have a good community of avid hobbyists to share ideas with you. Membership is free and easy. As a member, you'll be able to ask questions, discuss issues, share your experiences, and submit photos in the gallery.

Photo Of The Month - by Snappy

Winter 2014 - Featured Tank - MikeLo's Reef
Featured Tank
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Doser 2 Slave Available?
Posted On Today
I have just gotten my Doser 2 up and running and love the resolution of dosing, literally 1 drop at a time if need be. I have been in love with this unit so much that I'm looking for info on when the Slave Doser will be available in North America. I've seen some prices on European websites,... Read More...
Frag Packs, Group Buy and More
Posted On Yesterday
Group buy going on for Okanagan !
Contact for details. Tentative date feb 5th arrival via airline carrier

Some CRAZY new rhodactis available. photo doesn't do them justice

Insane Anemone...
PUKANI, TONGA SHELF, TONGA BRANCH.supplied throughout Canada
Posted On 01-13-2015
1st I must thank everyone on and off canreef for supporting us with our venture in supplying Canada wide with premium quality rock for any aquascape be it a nano or a swimming pool size:biggrin:
Without you all we wouldn't exist, keep us in business by supporting the spread word of mouth of... Read More...
Corals in Stock (January 23rd 2015)
Posted On 01-23-2015
Happy Friday! We have some amazing new arrivals this week at Canada Corals. Colonies will be shipped by air cargo (by plane). Contact us for colony delivery quotes. :biggrin:Frags can be shipped by UPS/FedEX/Purolator.

...
Ball breaking prices
Posted On 01-22-2015
Red Sea Max C-Series 250
Posted On 01-22-2015
Hey guys,

Just a heads up that we have a Red Sea Max C-250 (white) with stand at our shop for $2449.00

This is a great tank for those just getting in to the hobby - the system has proven quite capable of supporting a wide variety of corals. The improvements they made over the previous... Read More...
Bubble Magus pricing stays solid
Posted On 01-22-2015
We have received lots of requests in regards to what the new Bubble Magus pricing will be!

I can happily report for now at least the pricing is going no where.

The reason is I buy USD's on futures, securing a 6 month contract on price. Our last shipment was purchased at 1.12 only 2 points... Read More...
New Products
Posted On 11-21-2014
Hey guys,

Just thought I would mention some of the new products we have available now:

Tunze Care Magnets
Doc Eco Eggs
New Era food

And the annual tropical fish calendar that we carry is now in stock. Sells out every year so get yours while you can. Read More...
Aiptasia eating Berghia Nudibranchs
Posted On 01-22-2015
Berghia Nudibranchs will be ready to ship next week! Limited supply so let me know if you want some =) prices are 20$ each and shipping is 40$ across Canada Read More...
SENEYE - On Demand
Posted On 01-20-2015
Thanks to all our dealers throughout Canada and to their clients!!!!

The very first shipment of Seneye of 100 units sold out to dealers in 3 days flat!!!

The shipment arrives to Canada mid next week (bit later than expected as the larger order took longer to produce)

We start shipping...
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0 Anyone still using par 38 bulbs?
Product Review and Equipment Forum
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0 80 million year old fish
Marine Fish
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Marine Fish
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