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Thanks for visiting our new community. At Canreef, you'll find great resources in our discussion forums and we have a good community of avid hobbyists to share ideas with you. Membership is free and easy. As a member, you'll be able to ask questions, discuss issues, share your experiences, and submit photos in the gallery.

Photo Of The Month - by Snappy

Winter 2014 - Featured Tank - MikeLo's Reef
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New SPS Shipment Landed!
Posted On 03-30-2015
New SPS Shipment has landed @ Canada Corals! Come check it out, over 150 cultured colonies available! (In-store only) Read More...
How do I automate Foz Down dosing via ATO??
Posted On 03-20-2015
I just had someone ask me how to automate Foz Down Dosing via ATO so I thought I would post the steps listed in my private response to them. Hopefully this will help other people to see how easy and inexpensive it really is. :)

Here's what I would do.
1. Remove the GFO reactor once media is...
What Next?
Posted On 03-28-2015
Since the announcement of GHL USA I have received an inbox full of questions in regards to our announcement as to what we are now doing alongside GHL.

With our departure from retail distribution for GHL this now allows us to focus far more intensely on our close partners Ecotech (which we now... Read More...
Aussie gold torch !!!!
Posted On 03-28-2015
Single heads for $90
Double heads for $140
Live in a major Canadian city and interested? Contact us for shipping specials :D Read More...
Corals in Stock (March 27th 2015)
Posted On 03-27-2015
...
Posted On 03-22-2015
Some really awesome corals courtesy of reef raft canada!!

beautiful wild caught aussie colonies
ORA and Red Sea Shipment
Posted On 03-26-2015
Red Sea Shipment has arrived and they look gorgeous

Red Sea Shipment Video

Mimic Blenny
Midas Blenny
Fat Purple Tangs
Sohal Tangs
Asfur Angels
Red Sea Regal Angelfish
The Teaser - Corals in stock at RW this week
Posted On 03-24-2015
Crazy bright red micro zoanthids!

RW cultured Yellow monti cap

Very cool...
GHL Announcement
Posted On 03-25-2015
Big News!!

With the changes we have been working with GHL on since November and also the very small market in Canada we made the strong decision to cease distribution of GHL GmbH in the aquarium sector.

As you will see on their official announcement GHL are setting up a similar outfit to... Read More...
Group buy feedback
Posted On 03-24-2015
I just want to thank Isabelle for the awesome corals that we received last week. Best packaging I have seen in all my years of reefing and outstanding customer service. I highly recommend them and I would not hesitate to purchase livestock from them again :smile: Read More...
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Lighting Specific
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Has Attachment Reef
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10 Rishu's Really Ridiculous Reef: a 96x20x20 penny tank build (Multi-page Article 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
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Tank Journal
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0 coral importers/obtaining a cites permit
Today 01:52 AM
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0 LED questions and general Reef
Today 01:51 AM
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4 BCOrchidGuy 238
0 Hurts on the inside (Multi-page Article 1 2)
Today 12:25 AM
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Product Review and Equipment Forum
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0 Help with Coral
Yesterday 10:26 PM
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0 Calcium Reactor Replacing Two Part?
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