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Old 02-27-2013, 04:15 AM
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Thanks for the comments guys.
The light is mounted to the ceiling.

Originally Posted by sphelps View Post
Good looking setup you got there

Hard to tell it's current position but have you considered moving the mitra a bit towards the back wall? You mentioned adding more light towards the back but with the way the rock is done you could just position the light further back. Even lower it a little possibly making a slight shadow effect at the front of tank which I think might look nice given the layout. Although I'm not sure you can make any shadows with that light

Oh and did you buy the light then? Or what's the deal as you mentioned something about "no way" but then.... there it is.
The light is actually hung a bit further towards the back, the light is actually centered at the 18" mark, which leaves 22" to the front, so just a little off center. It does work out pretty good like this, but I may play with it a bit more.
I liked the idea of a kind of showcase rock scape, and originally wanted to have the back part spotlighted and have a darker, naturally lit front end of the tank. I tried it with the single Vega, hoping to achieve this result, but it just looked really sloppy, and quite wrong. I'd really like to see a tank accomplish this, but I think it would need to be a much larger tank, and some more direct spotlighting effect.

Oh, and I did buy the light. I said she'd kill me if she KNEW I bought it, I just didn't tell her. I also distracted her with a trip to Hawaii, so I think she knows, but is giving me the benefit of the doubt.

And now I have to work a lot of overtime...
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