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Default Clams and Scallops and such

General Articles:

Phytoplankton, A Necessity for Clams by Ronald Shimek

Giant Clams:

One of the most comprehensive collection of links on Giant Clams I have ever seen by Reef Aquarium Forum (previously clamsdirectforums)

A Brief Guide to the Selection and Placement of Tridacnid Clams by Barry Neigut

Clam Stress and Suggestion

Genus Tridacna by Gene Schwartz

Chapter on Clams from "Natural Marine Aquarium - Reef Invertebrates" by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner

Feeding Clams by Daniel Knop

Removing Clams from Water by Daniel Knop

Clam with Broken Hinge Ligament by Daniel Knop

Identifying The Tridacnid Clams by James Fatherree

The Mollis Clans - A Celebration of Molluscan Diversity by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D

Tridacna crocea – Pearls of the Reef by Daniel Knop

Tridacna derasa (Roeding 1819) — Beautifully Colored and Quite Hardy

Tridacna maxima — Widespread and Hardy

The Wonderful Color Patterns of Tridacna squamosa

What’s in a Shape — Variations in tridacnid shell formation

Reef Tank Design for Giant Clam Lovers

How to Choose Healthy Giant Clams at the Aquarium Store

Placing Giant Clams in the Reef Tank

Gamete Release by Giant Clams in Aquaria

Fish “Bullies” in the Giant Clam Tank

Cunning and Malicious: Parasites and Predators of Giant Clams

Greetings Clamrades by Ronald L. Shimek

Tridacna Clams for the Home Aquarium by J. Charles Delbeek

Giant/Tridacnid Clams by Bob Fenner

Chapter on Maxima Clams from Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium by James Fatherree

Troubles with Tridacnids: A Look at Two Common Problems by James Fatherree, MSc.

Coral Coloration, Part 9: Tridacna and Other Photosynthetic Clam Coloration, With Observations on Possible Functions by Dana Riddle

The Giant Clams By James Fatheree, MSc

A Look at Mysterious Clam Deaths by James Fatheree

Other Molluscs:

Flame Scallops by Rob Toonen

Bivalves... Clams, Mussels, Oysters by Bob Fenner

Green-Lipped Mussels by Rob Toonen
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