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Default Lighting Research Articles

Underwater Light Field and its Comparison to Metal Halide Lighting by Sanjay Joshi

Effects of Narrow Bandwidth Light Sources on Coral Host and Zooxanthellae Pigments by Dana Riddle

The Static on Static Lighting: Suggestions for Better Lighting Applications of Photosynthetic Reef Organisms - Moving Light Systems (MLS) by Anthony Calfo

Lighting in Reef Tanks: Some Actual Data by Mike Kirda

Underwater Lighting Conditions by Andrew Trevor-Jones

The Properties of Light by Andrew Trevor-Jones

Photosynthesis/Irradiance (P/I) Curves and Why They Are Important to ReefKeepers by Dana Riddle and Andy Amussen

Spectral Qualities of Various Fluorescent Lamps by Dana Riddle

Light Energy by Sam Gamble

Lighting Intensity Comparsion Background by Craig Bingman

Light in the Reef Tank: Some Actual Data by Mike Kirda

Fun Times with a Quantum Meter Part 1: A Short Term Study of Various Practices' Effects on Par Values by Brian Plankis
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