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Old 08-14-2019, 04:44 PM
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Default Frags

Monti: all monti frags are 1-2 inches

Strawberry Fields $20-$40
Green flower cup $10 - $30
Highlighter green $15 -$25
Pokerstar $35
Mystic Sunset $25-$40
Appleberry $15 - $40
Grape cap $20 - $40
Jedi Mind Trick $30-$50
Rainbow Monti $30 - $40


Sunny D $20 - $50 frags
Ring of fire $10pp
Gorilla nips $10pp
Fruit Loops $15pp
Radio Active Dragon Eyes $5pp
Energizer Bunny $10pp
Fire and Ice $5pp
Mohawks $10pp
Gobstoppers $10pp
Nirvana $50pp
Buttkisser $75pp
Eagle eyes $10pp
Water Melons 10pp
Blue pops $10pp
Yellow skirt blue centre $10 - $50 frags


Hellfire milli $30
Green slimer $10
Green Elkhorn $10
Bonsai $10
Blue tip brown acro $10
Blue tip green acro $15

Located in Chilliwack, text 6049975986 for fastest response.

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