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Old 02-06-2012, 07:53 PM
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Default Squire's 90 Gallon Build, Now With Salt Water

Unfortunately, just as I was moving this tank home, we set it down on the bumper of my truck. I guess due to the 50 degree temperature change this nice crack appeared instantly.

On to the next one.

The plan, at this point, is for a Mixed Reef Tank. Eventually.

Thanks to the help from The Grizz, I will now be starting a new tank build on a 90 gallon tank he found for me in Edmonton. Dimensions are 48" x 24" x 18".
Most of the equipment I had for the last tank will work here to start. May need to upgrade skimmer eventually, but for now should be fine. Upgrade needed on lights of course, so will be going with Radions.

Equipment I have:

2 Ecotech Radion light fixtures.
Quiet One 4000 pump
Nextreef MR1 Media Reactor with pump
80 lbs Aragonite sand
2 Pails of H2O salt
2 Fluval 300 watt heaters
Reef Keeper Lite controller
American DJ Powerbar
Lighting Rack (stole idea from Medhatreefguy)

SWC 160 Cone running for a month on last tank, like brand new

100lbs of Live Rock, curing in rubbermaids.

Pieces cut for stand, just waiting for paint then some screws.
Going to use CIL white Marine paint inside. Haven't decided about the skim yet.

Things I will still be needing :
I have a 30 gallon sump , but would like to get a 40 gallon. I have a trade lined up for a light fixture I'm not using but it hasn't happened yet.
Another media reactor or two.

All I can think of for now.

Fish Wish List :
Kole Tang
Mimic Tang
pair of Gold Stripe Maroon Clowns
Goby/ Shrimp pair
Starry Blennie
Barnacle Blennie
possibly a Blue Throat Trigger.
Lemon Peel Angel
Lyretail Anthias x 3
Black & White Heniochos

I will be soliciting advice as I go, of course.
Getting very excited to get the ball rolling , so the paint will be flying this week.

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