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Old 10-23-2022, 10:11 AM
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Default Site outage between 4 - 23 Oct 2022


Please first accept my apologies that the site have been not accessible for the majority of the month. It appears that during a recent maintenance to demise an old server the data center we are using have dis-associated the IP subnet we use. This is very non ideal because our servers and processes were all running but have effectively been disconnected from the Internet. Because we manage our own DNS servers as well this also resulted in our domain records completely withdrawn.

The time when the issue started was on 4 Oct with eefarmer_reef posting his post until approx 23 Oct 01:30 PST.

This has got to be the longest streak of outage in our history and I'm sorry about this.

On the flip side I have been doing a bit of work in the background to migrate our site to new software. This was done last year except that was more of a proof of concept involving manual installation which isn't ideal because it wouldn't allow us to rebuild our stack on an ongoing basis, whether that is to do with hardware issue, software upgrade, or data center migration. Hence I held off the migration to ensure we have a means to automate the process repeatedly which is now also done as of Sep but I wanted to enhance it by placing the forum software behind a reverse proxy such that we can add more features down the road that are not forum specific.

In light of this outage I'll ensure that we will implement monitoring from another location so that I'll be alerted when there are issues.

A link to
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Old 10-24-2022, 01:15 AM
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phew! I thought it was my fault. Thanks Titus for your effort.
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