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Old 06-17-2019, 07:29 PM
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Default Noobie Red Sea reefer 350


I have recently decided to sell my High tech planted Tank, and finally try my hand at a reef. Its been on my mind for years and finally wanna get started. I have decided to get a red sea reefer 350 as I was always wishing I had more space in my planted tanks. The only two pieces I am set on is the kessil ap700 light ( I already own it) and the 350 itself. I am so new to salt water I really wanna take my time and do it properly, I learned not to cut corners and go cheap in my planted tanks as it just cause issues and more work. I am still unsure what pieces of equipment I need asap and what can be added later. I keep hearing the pump to get is the vortech m1, and a lot of people seem to use the mp40's as wave makers. Skimmer in general confuse me, a lot of ppl use the curve 5 or 7, and I've read the nyos skimmers are good but really expensive. I should say that the tank is in my living room so I would like it to be quite quiet, and I don't wanna limit myself in regards to coral. I plan to start very slow with easy corals but would like to be able to add to the system to try harder corals in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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Old 06-19-2019, 06:43 AM
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Skimmers are like shoes. For the most part we all need them. You can spend a lot on a pair of shoes or a little. For some a pair of $20 sneakers is all they need. Its personal preference, you have to be able to justify why you spend what you spend to only yourself (and possibly a significant other).

Most skimmers will work fine, find one that is rated for a 90 gallon tank (reefer 350) and will fit in your sump with about 10" of water. Don't make the mistake of over skimming the tank. Read the reviews that are out there and make an informed decision.

Wavemakers and pumps are no different.

I can tell you my preference but in the end how will that make any difference to you.
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