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Old 10-03-2017, 06:27 PM
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Default Require assistance with a vertex omega 130 skimmer

This is a blog I wrote but thought I'd get a better response through posting it as a thread. I bought this skimmer over 1 year ago. I have never been able to have this unit run like it is supposed to run. When I bought it I was told when first installing it to run it wide open for the first week or so or until it calms down. Well that never happened. It was over flowing like no tomorrow so I shut it down, went to work out of town. I came back thought it was in too deep of water so I lifted it up from 9" to 7-1/2". Let it run started out OK but within the hour it was back to a constant overflow. Again shut it down go back to work for another 21 days. I lifted the unit again to the minimum depth in the noted in the manual 6-1/2". Then tried it again. Started OK the did the same thing went right to overflowing. so I Just unplugged it and let it sit. Now it has been a few months since i tried it. I've changing water and replacing the carbon and Phosguard in the reactors a lot. I lost most of the wild life I had in the tank while having the wife look after it, I'm not blaming I should not have set it up then go out of town for weeks on end. I just about ready to give up. But I'm going to try one more time. If anybody is willing to assist me in setting up this nightmare in Edmonton I will not turn him/her down.
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