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Old 10-11-2019, 11:11 PM
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Default Easy and Inexpensive SPS

I have a lot of beautiful coral that is relatively easy to keep and grows quickly. Here are some of those pieces at great prices!

Always willing to trade for things I don't have (usually higher end stuff though )!

Orange Digi
Remember this one? A bright, colourful classic!

Medium Light Medium Flow

$20 per frag

WYSIWYG (one of the frags)

Neon Birdsnest
Super bright and fast growing!

Medium Light Medium Low Flow

2 nice sized frags - $20 each

Mother Colony:

Red Dragon
These deep water corals are a little trickier to keep then the others on this list, but if you keep your Alk & Cal in line, it will be one of the nicer corals in your tank

Medium Light Medium Flow

$30 per frag

Mother Colony:

Forest Fire Digi
Another great Digi! Orange with green growth tips. The body is also a light blue. Especially noticeable in higher light.

Medium - high Light Medium Flow

$20 per nice sized frag

Old Frag from the same colony:

Yellow Tip Austera
Fast growing, easy coral, that looks great in any tank!

Medium Light Medium Flow

2 frags - $20 each

Mother Colony:

Skyrim Stag
I've had this one growing out a while. Long, beautiful blue and purple branches on a green base

Medium / high light Medium flow

3 big, multi branched frags - $20 each


Purple Dragon
OK, not quite as easy as the others, but if it's happy, it will grow quickly

Medium Light Medium Low Flow

$30 per frag (Normally $40)

Great shot of the Mother Colony and a Forest Fire Digi:

Bird of Paradise
Beautiful, fast growing, easy to care for, SPS! A have a few more frags available now.

medium light, Low - Medium flow

$20 per frag

Mother Colony:

Lots more that isn't listed including LPS and Zoas!

Thanks for looking!

Shipping is available via Westjet!
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