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View Poll Results: Would you be interested in a Fish QT Service?
Yes 13 36.11%
No 11 30.56%
Maybe (Depending on cost, QT practices, etc.) 11 30.56%
See Results 1 2.78%
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Old 10-06-2023, 11:14 PM
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Insightful commentary, thank you. Its been sometime since I contributed a post here and I've rethought my strategy partly based on others comments and have found it more inline with some of your comments here. Helpful feedback, thanks to all who replied.

I have my first fish in QT and will be making the listing when it is ready for sale. Much more details will be given at that time, including details of the treatment, any symptoms it displayed, how its been eating, my tanks, protocol, and so on.

I'll upload multiple videos of the fish eating various foods to show its behavior and conditioning, health, etc.

I do agree that the ultimate goal of eradication is only realistic for the most dedicated aquarists. However, conditioning to captivity alone goes a long way in reducing loss, especially with many certain species. The idea of an "all or nothing" approach in regard to QT is true if the objective is absolute eradication, but treating a fish, adapting it to tank life, and getting it eating various foods which will sustain it long term that typical hobbyists can and do feed goes a tremendous length in giving that fish and its keeper the highest odds of success.

As @abcha0s mentioned there is demand for this service, in fact its already provided (marine collectors for instance), just not in Canada or locally as far as I'm aware. I think I'll focus on higher end specimens as @abcha0s
suggested, particularly finicky/sensitive species offering them for sale after successful treatment as I've realized will probably be of most use and sense.

More details to come in the near future. Any further discussion would be appreciated.
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Old 10-08-2023, 02:27 AM
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Id pay double the price of say J&Lís price if i knew it was properly treated for everything. Thatís all i can add. Lol.

Which i guess works better for more expensive fish once you factor in time and costs to you. Id love a a store that sold already treated fish. So when i do want one i could browse and see if it was available.

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