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Old 07-08-2020, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by msjboy View Post
What is your lighting.
I have 10 XR15s and 2 XR30s. I will try that to begin with and if that’s not enough I will grab three of the 4 foot T5 retrofit kits. That would add another 800 watts of T5.
Originally Posted by msjboy View Post
. Also for flow, do you think that is enough with 4 mp60/40s?
So far I’m planning on putting two eductors on the return side which should flow around 2K / h. Also on each side will be a MP40 & 60. I will try and favour sending more water to the overflow side. Along the back I have 4 gyres spaced out with the thought of adding more if needed. That should give a nice rolling motion front to back.
I ran a closed loop before and wasn’t thrilled with it, it made changing the flow a huge ordeal, plus had a bulkhead gasket leak and vowed never to have holes drilled far below the water line again
I really like the gyres flow though, they’re a pain to clean but I’m planning on keeping spare assembles then just swap the parts and tossing them in vinegar.
125 gallon 6', 33 gallon sump \ refugium
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