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Old 01-30-2013, 11:52 PM
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Hey everyone, so im back! I did a pretty bad ass job on my window id say its strong enough to last through anything right now haha, i decided to put my truck aside untill the show melts and i dont have a 1931 ford model A in my garage that im currently restoring for a friend, then ill do all the body work and paint the truck and get a new window stuck in it.

in the mean time you all get a treat cus im back on track with my tank! haha i just got home from work and poured myself a nice jack and coke and now im pulling out my wallet to grab some goodies online. First stop..

JL Aquatics for a new return pump! I just ordered a Tunze 1073.0500!!! yeah thats the big one! and I need a heater so lets throw that in there too, a Jager 200W heater should do the trick, so these will give me a total of

243.40 with free shipping cus im really nice to them

Next were off to Bulk Reef Supply for a few things, first being a 5 Stage 75 GPD RO/DI unit and a float valve to keep it from flooding the house, next on the list is a 2 Part Dosing System for Calcium and Alk and then a single Dosing Pump for Magnesium and then some Magnesium to put into the dosing pump. The next time on my list is some GFO and Carbon to stuff on my reactor. Lastly I need to know what all my levels are at so lets toss in some Hanna Checkers too, like this one, this one, and this one! For a checkout total of

758.91 with free shipping

So far we are at: 1002.91$

Stay tuned guys cus after dinner and a few more JD and cokes....

Were going LED shopping!!!
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