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Old 07-04-2020, 02:34 PM
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Default Fragging

I've bought lots of frags, however have never done it myself.
I've got some kenya tree and pom pom xenia I'd like to trim as its growing like crazy.
Does anyone have any pointers or know any good websites to learn how to do this?

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Old 07-04-2020, 08:29 PM
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Eek. I find fragging softies like this to be the hardest due to its composition and slime build-up.

The easiest way would be if you can frag a piece with even the slightest bit of rock\rubble on it. That way you can just glue down that small piece of substrate.

Place the frags in medium-low flow is ideal. Low enough so the frags don't blow around or off the plugs, high enough to prevent the coral from smothering itself in slime.

In the past I've also tried using a toothpick to skewer the piece and then rubberbanding the toothpick to a rock, allowing the frag to attach. Or, use a piece of mesh\bridal veil type material and wrap the piece, not too tightly onto a piece of rubble.

or simply drop frag plug or rubble into your colony, wait for some tissue to attach to it, and then cut that piece off. viola.

Happy fragging!
- S H A O -
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Old 07-04-2020, 10:52 PM
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Just google how to frag xenia..lots videos. Probably 3 wAys for this type of coral (as well as Kenya). Easiest is let it rest on rubble rock, and it will self set provided it doesn’t blow away. It will eventually set itself. Second, fishing line it lightly on the frag rubble rock ( hard to tie onto a round frag plugs third way, if the frag is big enough with a stem, toothpick it and then tie down the tooth picked area onto the rock/plug. Krazy gluing is a hit and miss as it seems to slime itself away from the plug.
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