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Old 12-22-2013, 12:57 AM
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Default Gas bubble and pregnant

So my little male Tiger Tail looked like he had Gas Bubble disease so I used the common method to release the air (I have kept seahorses for almost 10 years off and on so I am aware of what gas bubble disease looks like.) It worked like it should but immediattly I noticed 3 little red rings come out with the air. On further inspection I realized these were babies and the red ring was the yolk sacks. I got out my magnifing glass and took a closer look and sure enough, these little specs of nothing were alive. They died of course in less than an hour and the red ring turned into a red ball. I am assuming my Seahorse was pregnant and some of the babies died in his belly creating air which then caused the gas bubble disease. Has anyone ever witnessed this before? If I had done nothing do you think these babies would have survived? What causes this I wonder?
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