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Old 06-17-2024, 09:11 PM
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Default Retiring my reef tank

After many years in the hobby, itís finally time for me to get ready to leave it.
Iíll be formally retiring from working by 2025 and part of the strategy to lower my expenses and maintenance is to give up the tank. We also hope to be away for parts of the year and itíll be nice not to have to worry about tank sitters anymore.
To that end, I want to come up with a plan to phase out the tank by the end of this year. I actually started that a while back by giving away corals and doing some serious pruning on others. I havenít purchased a new fish in years as part of the strategy.
So my 120gal has very few fish (and the biggest is maybe 2Ē long) but it has some large coral colonies that have essentially cemented the rock together so that Iím daunted by how to remove them. A few others are loose and will be easy to remove but a couple with gorgeous structure may be seriously damaged in my efforts to remove them.
Does anyone have helpful advice or know of videos or other information about tearing apart a reef? Iíve seen a few YouTube but they were intended for easy frag removal, not large cemented colonies.
I can post pics if thatís helpful.
Iíll miss the tankóthe clown gobies are endlessly entertainingóbut Iím looking forward to the freedom to concentrate on other things.
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