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Old 06-26-2020, 07:25 AM
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Default EternityBC's 450g 12 feet of floating fun

I have always wanted to do one of these tank builds but never seemed to get around to it. Since I hope this is the last time I upgrade my tank (fingers crossed) I figured I would give it a shot. My wife and I have been in the hobby for about 12 years now slowly progressing from a 5 gallon to having multiple 100+ tanks.

This all started when I just finished setting up 125 in the living room last year.

I even had my fish room plumbed into the basement and had everything well underway.

It included a easy inline water change system where I could isolate 20 gallons (bottom Bin) with a 3 way, dump it into the drain, then gravity transfer 20 gallons RODI (top bin) into it within 30 seconds. I would just add salt and then return it into circulation once mixed.

That was all great except by the time it was setup we had already outgrown the 125 and I didn't want to keep multiple display tanks anymore. So instead of starting the quarantine process with new fish, we made the hard decision to start again and this time we are going BIG. As Big as we can.

That left us with this 144x22x33, and yes it's going to float in the air with the bottom open

I put together a PVC frame to get an idea of the size.

Now I wanted to go a lot deeper, but 22" was already right up to the window sills. Having dealt with tall tanks before, the 33 is going to be a pain, but I love the look and the extra water volume, so it will be worth it. It's going to make my aquascaping a little tricky but I have 100 pounds of branch rock that should help.

I have been planning this build on and off for the last year or so and we're about 6 months into the build. We have the tank on the way from Concepts, LVLs in place, and fish room gutted. I will try to post each major step in the next weeks to get up to current date.

Next post, the support beams. 5-1/4 x 18" PSL2.2E Monsters
125 gallon 6', 33 gallon sump \ refugium
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