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Default Long shot but.....

My SCWD broke down sometime this week, but I only noticed today. It has stopped switching due to what appears to be a broken gear inside. Does anyone around the Koots have one by chance that they aren't using that they would like to sell to me? I'm not sure if it is still under warranty from J&L, it's only been about 6-8 months since I bought it.


55 gallon cube - 50 lbs LR - ASM G3 skimmer - 30 Gallon sump - 22 Gallon refugium / frag tank - 4x 24 watt HO T5's - Mag 9.5 return - Pin Point PH monitor - 400 watt XM 20K MH in Lumenarc reflector - Dual stage GFO/NO3 media reactor - 6 stage RODI auto top up -Wavemaster Pro running 3 Koralia 2's.

Fully stocked with fish, corals and usually some fine scotch
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