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Small update on building a Skimmer Silencer
I was having some gurgling noises coming from the intake of my skimmer. I posted on the forums and a few canreef peeps gave me some advice
orginal thread:

Im going with the design elements of:

i took their suggestions and altered to my liking. One think I didn't want to do is over extend the air hose longer than it currently is. So i tried to minimize the extension. I'm assuming the longer the 1/4 line is the harder it is for the skimmer to pull air.

I didnt want to have it hanging inside the tank as the diagram would indicate. I also didnt want water to leak in and I didnt really want to silcone it and I didnt want to prime/seal it. So i made it backwards and a "L"

The basic Idea from what I gather is two tubes, inside a big tube so the sound gets trap inside the big tube but the air keeps getting sucked in

I used Hard 1/4 line that is used in RO/DI unit for the small tubes and 3/4in pvc for the large tube

As you can see from the above picture its a nice L shape so it can hang on the outside of my sump.

Most other diagrams show air being pulled from the top down to the bottom but with my L shape I have it pulling bottom to bottom.
And below you can see how the hard plastic slips tightly into the soft plastic from the skimmer.

I was very shocked how silent it got. I was planning to stuff the silencer with some foam but it didnt need it.
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