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Rights and Privileges
We welcome all members to join and participate actively. All joined members are granted a privilege to be a part of the Canreef community as long as rules are followed and respect is given.

No one with the exception of the registered owner of the site and his delegated team of professional staff members, has the right to dictate rules of governance on this site.

Rules are implemented based on previous experience in order to achieve the best compromise of order and flexibility. Rules and policies can be changed if deemed so necessary.

No tolerance is given for those who believes they have the "right" or "freedom of speech" on this site and can ignore or question rules, policies, and actions of any Staff members.

Posts Removal
All posts can be subjected for removal before contacting the original poster. This will be done whenever the posted content is considered to be in violation of our policies (stated previously or otherwise).

Removal can also occur if a Canreef Staff believes the content is questionable and would like to discuss amongst the team. If a post is later deemed to have not crossed any rules, we can release it to public display again.

We do expect the original poster to contact us to inquire for the reason of removal. However, we do not expect and appreciate any continuous non-stop questioning of policies.

For posts or threads that will not be returned for public display, we expect members to "move on" and get over with the fact that it is the final decision. Any attempts to denounce or outcrying a double standard is not tolerated and can subject the member for a ban.

All members are expected to show proper respect for each other and also to any Canreef Staff. All members are welcomed to participate actively within the community and are expected to follow and respect rules and policies of the house.

Any open outcry, denounce, debate of Staff members' actions, or posting sarcastic remarks in the public shows no respect for anyone, and serve no purpose to the original intent of this site of contribution and sharing of knowledge.

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