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06-05-2013, 12:05 AM
SO, what are ya'll using for heaters? I'll be needing more heat capability once I fire up 300 gallons of water and looking for input on heater brands. ANy thought's?

06-05-2013, 12:34 AM
I'm not using any heater on my 300g tank, I put glass lids on instead :mrgreen:

06-05-2013, 02:23 AM
Most of my heaters are Jager or Visitherm. Both have a good reputation in my tanks. All are glass tube heaters placed in the sumps.

06-05-2013, 05:00 AM
Aqueons so easy to set and a hard plastic outer tube and lifetime guarantee

06-05-2013, 01:37 PM
I've been using nothing but Jagers, but one just spazzed out in my LR holding tank yesterday and stuck on. It was like a hot tub in there.

I'm honestly leaning towards the JBJ Truetemp 1000W for my new build. I think it would be nice to have the controller with a seperate probe (for those who don't have a reef controller).

Since they worked out their early temp probe issues, they seem to be doing well.

06-05-2013, 01:48 PM
Thanks for all the input so far. I'm truly surprised not more people are running titanium heaters! When I had 2 Jager's crap out on me and stick on I bought what I could find locally and got 3 - 300W Aqua Heat Titanium heaters from a hydroponics/plant place. They have an external temp sensor and controller and I've been pleasantly surprised by their performance. Their actual calibration is a bit off (difference between actual water temp and the numbers on the dial), but I have a stand alone digital thermometer that I use to set their temp and it's worked really well.
I was hoping to get more feed back on Finnex and Blue line. I thought they were supposed to be decent heaters but so far only one person on here is running the Finnex. Hmmmm...
I like the idea of running several heaters that no one heater can cook the tank if it fails.

06-05-2013, 02:09 PM
Aqueons as well in my main tank and titanium in my mantis tank. The thing that I really don't like about titaniums, at least the one I have, is that it is electronic and when the power goes out it resume the temperature of 79F always, not what it was set at before (77F). So when ever I unplug it it's changing the temperature. I had to put it on a controller to keep the temp at 77F.

Aqueons are shatter proof.

I am not so worried about cooking the tank if the heater gets stuck because I put them on an aquarium controller, I am more worried that the heater would shatter and electrocute everything in the tank, possibly me in the process, that's why I stay away from glass heaters.

Aqueons so easy to set and a hard plastic outer tube and lifetime guarantee

06-05-2013, 02:28 PM
I was hoping to get more feed back on Finnex and Blue line. I thought they were supposed to be decent heaters but so far only one person on here is running the Finnex. Hmmmm...

I was looking at the Finnex titanium with controller as well. They look good, and are decent for the money. I just can't tell wether or not the controller comes with an external temp probe. If so, the only thing they are missing is a digital readout. Those knobs scare me. :lol:

From what I have read, the Finnex have reliability on their side.

06-06-2013, 11:52 PM
i run 2x300watt ebo jager heaters and 1 800 watt jalli titanium heater on my 500G

06-07-2013, 03:30 PM
I run 3 x 250w Jager heaters on my 180G all running through my controller.

One of the nicest units I have seen are these:


Lots of added safety protection on the units but you pay for it. No worry about glass breaking or being stuck in the on position.

06-07-2013, 04:06 PM
2 x 150w Jager heaters on my 67gallon controlled by the Apex.

There are also limited by the built in thermostats set at 80 just in case the apex goes wonky or I forget to put the temperature probe back in the water after cleaning it.

06-08-2013, 05:57 PM
Neo-Therm by Cobalt Aquatics. I have a 50w for my QT, and 2 75w for my display and for heating up water for water changes. Work great,a and I love how they aren't glass/are so slim!

06-08-2013, 06:56 PM

06-08-2013, 08:18 PM
Jager heaters. I find they are very, very accurate.

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06-08-2013, 08:25 PM
I run all Jagers right now
I use 9 between my DT, QT, NSW, ATO (I know, not needed) and a spare for acclimating

If I ever redo my sump, I'll look into titaniums for the DT

06-11-2013, 06:49 PM
ive used almost all of these and all have crapped out excluding my titaniums. i have had them for a year or so and temp has never changed even when changing from different sized tanks.

06-12-2013, 02:52 PM
I've got 6 Jager's between my QT, DT and SW mixing barrel and they've all stuck on now. I think the oldest one is about a year and a half old. Now they are all just mixing barrel heaters, lol. I have 3 Aqua heat ones in my DT tank now and they seem to be working ok, but they're not very old either. I guess time will tell.
There's been great participation in this poll, Thanks everyone!

06-14-2013, 06:45 AM
I love the Aqueon Pro and I'll be replacing my Jagers with them over the summer.

The Finnex are nice but I don't know of any Canadian distributors.

06-14-2013, 06:52 AM
I'll add this;
No submersible aquarium heater I've ever seen is 'totally' waterproof, besides titanium, and even some of them are not

I keep my heaters verticle and the seals out of the water ...
Only the glass is in the water and the control heads are dry

I have a couple of old Jager heaters that have moisture inside, so nothing is totally 'waterproof'

06-14-2013, 01:57 PM
Reef supplies sells Finnex