View Full Version : Anyone got nuisance algaes?

02-01-2013, 02:01 PM
So, curious, does anyone have nuisance algae in their tank??

02-01-2013, 02:02 PM
Does an Emperor Angel count?

02-01-2013, 02:03 PM
Oh, I have pests showing up at my door trying to get in my tank. Do they count too?

02-01-2013, 02:13 PM
Sorry, I was going to list All the nuisances in the poll but the list got overwhelming LOL! So instead I limited to just algaes and bacteria this time around. Will do another one for other nuisances critters later.

02-01-2013, 02:16 PM
Oh sure, add a poll after I post.

Sorry, none of the above, I'll wait for the poll on pest fish and hobbyists :)

02-01-2013, 02:16 PM
Vodka dosing and a whack load of snails cured my problem.

02-01-2013, 02:22 PM
Green film algae. I clean glad every other day. It's just a light dusting though

02-01-2013, 02:40 PM
I currently have a lot of hair algae which is hurting my pearl bubble coral I have loaded up with snails and tried lights off my tangs are lazy and have no interest. So I am going to try this algeafix stuff as soon as I can order it. I am blaming new tank syndrome for this at this time and the fact I didn't have my Refugium running. Also a small bit of diatoms. And lastly he film algea drives me nuts cleaning glass every day it seems may have to try gfo once I find a reactor

02-01-2013, 02:46 PM
Yup, had dictyota since the very beginning. It must have been on my original purchase of LR and I've never been able to do anything but manually crop it. GFO does nothing for this algae IME. My tank is too small for a Naso which I hear eats the stuff. Thus my excuse for the upgrade to my 210 which is still a work in progress.

02-01-2013, 03:10 PM
I have a little red slime right now.... Grrrrrrr. All my levels are spot on. No phosphates, no nitrates. Lots of flow and new bulbs. I run GFO, carbon and bio-pellets. I seem to be winning the battle though. I just constantly stir up my SSB and adding Ultra Snow once a week. Also, blasting off my rock with a turkey baster once a week. Not sure what else I can do but it is not spreading anymore and seems to be retreating a little...

Reef Pilot
02-01-2013, 03:14 PM
Not sure what else I can do but it is not spreading anymore and seems to be retreating a little...
Dose MB7. Works great together with bio pellets for preventing cyano.

02-01-2013, 03:22 PM
I have a bit of Blue Green Cyano!

02-01-2013, 07:42 PM
A bit of cyano lately. I added a GFO reactor to the system 3 weeks ago and increased W/Cs. I've noticed a small improvement.

02-01-2013, 08:03 PM
Hair algae. I am so done.

02-01-2013, 08:53 PM
bi of hair and dictyota in my frag tank.built a nitrate reactor and am using phosdown to combat nitrates and phosphates as well as running a gfo and algae scrubber

Skimmer King
02-01-2013, 10:15 PM
Ever since my crash i have hair algae a d still battling the ref turf algae so i started vertex bio pellets and im not seeing anything yet.

02-01-2013, 11:18 PM
Before we left for holidays, I had red slime algae, come back I've got green slime and hair algae. Corals are dying, tank is very green. Large water change planned for the weekend. Other tank has diatoms since my diamond goby has been banished to a small cave and can not move around the tank thanks to my tominini tang. Also have some kind of clove stuff on a rock that I can't get rid of.

02-01-2013, 11:35 PM
zeo tank.. dusting of green cyano/bright green slime, assumably from imbalance of zeostart/nutrients been battling this since before Istarted zeo but it got really bad while I was on the road for the 2 months before Christmas, it has been on a reduction since i have been home every day again and switched to pure mh. Scopas in this tank is currently cleaning HA off rock from the other tank.

upstairs low maintenance tank. HA, Dychiota, green slime. the green slime has exploded since i moved the t5 fixture from my other tank up to this tank. all bulbs are a year old I need to find something to remove this crap, nothing seems to eat it yet and i can never get rid of it 100%. HA is exploding but thats ok I let it grow on a rock or 2 then put those rocks into the other tank for the tang to eat they come back clean and don't grow ha again.

Dichyota<sp.> I have a couple rocks in both tanks covered in this stuff. it seems to grow a bit then have partial die offs, perhaps when i get near ulns long enough perhaps some other reason. I am tempted to get a smaller nasso into the tanks right now then sell him off when i move everything back to the new tank that i am finally making progress on. I am also considering talking to one of the stores to see if I can bring the rock in to be left in a tank that fresh nasso's come into so they can try to eat it up while they acclimate:) unfortunately one of the rocks does have a few corals on it but i guess they could be busted off.

02-02-2013, 12:17 AM
I have it all and I'm proud of it :razz:

02-02-2013, 01:32 AM
What? No mention of lobophora algae? That's discriminating! :razz:

02-02-2013, 06:20 AM
What? No mention of lobophora algae? That's discriminating! :razz:

Lobophora is great macro algae for nutrient export :razz:

I've had it all in this tank..

A couple of years ago I had dictyota bad. In went the Naso Tang and it was gone within a week!

I've always had a few crevasses with the odd valonia. I do t bother to do anything about those (yet).

Got hit with diatoms bad this past fall. This was due to adding some new sand and stirring up old sand. It sorted itself out over a few weeks tho.

After I put my biopellet reactor back on line in November/December I got hit with cyano. Battled it first with a bit more flow and blackout. This kicked a lot of it back but still had stubborn patches of it. Decided to give Chemiclean a shot and with that I nuked cyano in 3 days!! Amazing stuff.

Currently have a few patches of hair algae in some shaded areas of all places. Mostly ignoring them for now and treating them as a nutrient sink LOL.

02-02-2013, 09:46 PM
Sorry, none of the above :)

WHAT??? Really Brad? No nuisance algae at all? What kind of reefer are you; can't even grow algae for God's sake! Pffft!

02-03-2013, 12:33 AM
This tread made me feel a lot better. Need to clean my glass (with magfloat; one brush does it) and have a bit of brownish hair algae (very small patches) here and there along with some bubble algae. Doesn't seem to spread but oh well, they are there :P

02-08-2013, 11:11 PM
Chemiclean! FTW

02-08-2013, 11:16 PM
In my 12 gallon (leaving my place this week) there is a turbo snail that has some green hair algae growing from it -- it moves all around the tank with a killer 1-2" tail! Doesn't grow anywhere else, just this one snail... I remove a bunch of it from time to time, but since it's not spreading (been like this for months) it's a cool way to remove nutrients and have a laugh!