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Thread: Reef Tank night light
Does your Reef have any light at night? This poll is closed
Complete darkness 25 39.06%
Just the lights on my equipment(power heads, dosers) 5 7.81%
Small LED moon lights 23 35.94%
A portion of my daytime lights 5 7.81%
Lights on all the time 2 3.13%
Im to cranky to share but still want to vote! 4 6.25%
Voters: 64 100%

Old 01-31-2018, 05:44 AM  
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Default Reef Tank night light

Do you have any light on your tank at night?

I have a small Red/Blue clip LED light I have on my zoas in back corner if I leave it on ALL the fish gather in that corner after lights out.

Normally complete darkness except random leds on cable box, computer ect


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