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Old 05-21-2013, 12:18 AM
WarDog WarDog is offline
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WarDog's 65gal Build

Time to start a build journal!

This will be my first 'dip' into Salt Water after about 30 years of having freshwater set-ups of all types. After purchashing my first house 5 years ago and being financially 'stable' I am finally able to take the leap into salt!

Sheldon (Texas Cichlid) is gunna be pretty upset when he gets moved to make way for my new reef!

So I've decided to go with a 65 gal, 36x18x24. Didn't want to go too big, as the display tank will be on the 2nd floor and I didn't want to put thousands of pounds of stress on the joists. Too bad I didn't think ahead and sister up the joists when I finished the basement 5 years ago... oh well.

Got myself the Vertek RO/DI 100gpd unit and mounted it under the sink (with the permission of the boss of course)! Unfortunately I will still have to do buckets, but I do plan to have a top-up tank next to the sump in the stand, so hopefully just 1 bucket trip per week! As you can see our kids, Sophie and Winston are checking my work. Sophie inspecting and Winston wondering why it doesn't dispence treats

That's all I have for now. This is going to be a slow journal. I'm only allowed to pay cash for stuff. That's the deal I made with the wife and it's not a bad one really. I have budgeted around $3000 for everything not including livestock. Ordered some adjustable feet online last week and hoping they arrive this week so as I can get on with the stand build. The stand will be a little different from anything I have seen here on CanReef and I'm sure you will be interested and surprised by it. Thanks for viewing and I hope to hear input from you all!


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