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Honestly, it doesn't happen that much, and I know people who's sole purpose of signing up is they are shutting down, someone suggested posting here and they list their stuff. They really don't want to hang around for months talking about stuff they no longer have interest in. I only recall one incident where someone actually got ripped off for a controller, and 4 years later I found it and offered it back to the guy who should have got it.
We have another case now where someone signed up here has clearly robbed people on RC, but not here yet and I've banned the account and removed the posts.
We may possibly have a third, but still too early to tell. The first was actually from a long time member with years posting, so that wouldn't have helped. The benefits to the members in getting deals I think outweighs the risk that something goes sideways.

So even if we're up to 3 in 10+ years, that's not bad. If you're going to send money, use paypal so you have some recourse.
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