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I disagree that its hard or expensive, but what you're saying is true. However, how do you know that any other retailer is truly QTing to your standards, or the ones they supposedly set for themselves if you're not there every step of the way?

I'm not really doing this to make money, so I won't be setting up several systems. Again, if I decide to sell this, I'll detail my QT setup and process. I would be doing a single round of fish at a time. What I want from this is to help offset some cost of the hobby, and give myself more QT experience while doing so. The higher the volume and variety of fish you QT, the more skilled at identifying and treating diseases you will become, regardless of how knowledgeable you are to begin with.

I don't use TTM btw. Again, I'd probably explain why if/when I offer the service.
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