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Thanks everyone! My biggest. Complaint has always been th lack of detail in builds, so I'm trying to go all out with details so that it's easy to follow in my footsteps. If I am missing anything, let me know and I'll add it!

Just getting my ass out of bed now and am going to try and tackle the rest of this!

Originally Posted by reef-keeper View Post
Awesome where did you buy the LEDs and drivers?
I got the LEDs from , which is run by Milad here on the forum. Great guy!

I got the power supply and drivers from Mouser. There are much cheaper places to buy the drivers but everywhere is sold out of them (like sold out worldwide). Since I'm under a time crunch (PhD and business are going insane right now) I pulled the trigger on the Mouser order and paid 2x the price (still reasonable though).

Originally Posted by daplatapus View Post
That looks awesome so far! Great job. Hmmm, might need to get ya to make me a cover ...
My LDD's are supposed to leave China today (fingers crossed).
Are you going to power your Typhon with the same power supply as the LED's? How have you planned to step down the V's?
Depending how big of a cover you need, I'll machine one up for you. My little CNC mill at home has limited space and the big mill at work is down for the count right now (and for the foreseeable future). Sketch it up and we'll talk.

Right now I have a separate 12V power supply that is powering the controller. When I find some time to track down a 24-to-12V DC/DC step down I'll use that to drop the main PSU voltage to 12V to power both the controller and fans. For now I'm just going to put two fans in series to drop the 24V.
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