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Originally Posted by Frogger View Post
I don't have the newest gyre's but have bothe the 250 and 150's from the previous version.

I found the older version of gyre's are quietest when they are not run at 100%. Hense I am running the 250's at 70%. The newest version runs completely quiet at 100% but is not compatible with the older version.

To make life easier I have 3 of each so that I always have a spare for cleaning and I don't have to shut down the system overnight while I am cleaning one.
Thats awesome to hear that you have been using them for a while and are currently using them. I was thinking of getting the larger ones (providing that they arenít huge) so I can run less than 50%). Have you had any issues with the bushings? That is one thing that worries me as, my knock off one seemed to destroy the bushings. Also the thing was extremely finicky to put back together after a vinegar bath
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