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Default FS 72 full reef setup and many more things!! $1200 takes all I have!!!

Getting out of the hobby in Surrey BC. I have a complete reef set up and many other things. The tank is currently a fish only tank. All fish were introduced by tank transfer. It has been set up for 4 years. Very stable system!! I would just like to sell it all in one shot! Call or text 604-789-1256.

Here is a list of what i have:
Complete stand
100 lbs live rock
5 fish(blue tang, tomatoe clown, yellow angel fish, and a six spot gobby)
cleaner shrimp
T5 lighting
2 hydor circulation pumps
3 Power heads
Vertex omega 130 skimmer
72 gallon tank
33 gallon sump
20 gallon tank
10 gallon tank
Lights for smaller tanks
Digital Aquatics Archon control system
All the test kits for reef and fish
Ph monitor
Temp probe
Ph probe
3 heaters
1 doser pump
5 stage water purify system
45 gallon salt water storage drum for pre mixing
Calcium reactor and co2 tank(full)
Various elements(iodine, magnesium, calcium,etc)
Penguin out side filter

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

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