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Default Pipefish - Banded Doryhamphus dactyliophorus

Please provide your experience in this poll:
  • Use the top 9 poll questions if your fish has passed away.
  • Use the bottom 7 poll questions if you currently own this fish.
  • Multiple polls are allowed.
  • Select the best answer to the best of your knowledge.
  • Adding comments or elaborating on the cause of death in a post is encouraged.
The options are as follows:

died within 0-3 months
died within 4-6 months
died within 7-9 months
died within 10-12 months
died within 13-18 months
died within 19-24 months
died within 2-3 years
died within 3-4 years
died after 5 years +
currently alive 0-6 months
currently alive 7-12 months
currently alive over 1 year
currently alive over 2 years
currently alive over 3 years
currently alive over 4 years
currently alive 5 years +
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