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I use maxspect gyres and overall really do like them. I started with one xf250 in a standard 120g and eventually moved to 2 of them when the new controller was released. Here are the things I've found along the way.

the pros:
- they do move water very well. I've never had to push them over 40%
- very flexible controllability with either the pre-programmed schedules and ability to create custom ones.
- can easily be paired with a battery backup.
the cons:
- they can be a pain to clean as there are a lot of parts. assembly takes some finesse to keep the pumps from squealing when they run.
- depending how hard they're run they can make some noise.
- unlike Vortec pumps they do have a power cord.

I like mine enough that if my pumps both died today I'd replace them with the exact same thing.
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