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Default IM 25g AIO build

Starting a build thread for my new(to me) IM 25g lagoon AIO tank. I'm going to use this tank as a temp home for my inhabitants of my 75 gallon during my move in October. Unless this tank goes well then I might keep it running. So this will be a 2 for 1. Build thread and moving thread.

The plan is to setup the 25g at the new place in kelowna then move fish and corals separately so I have a tank setup and ready to go when I get there.

Since my 75 gallon hasn't been a big success I won't have too much to move over. Hopefully reef tank number 2 will be a better outcome.

What's going in the 25g
About 10 frags and a frogspawn colony
2 clowns
1 royal Gramma
1 yellow tang. Honestly concerned how the tang will do. Hoping it's ok in the small tank for awhile, but I might have to re-home it.

Here's what came with the tank:

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