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Default Automation

So I setup some of my automation.
I went with a neptune systems Apex controller (Very nice btw).
Got two EB8s (power bars) cost me like 600+ for the package but I really really like it.

So what did I get for 600?
Main unit (the brain)

One of the EB8s that switchs power on and off to each plug

Dispaly unit which I rarely look at but its on my desk:

What this allows me to do is control all kinds of stuff. I have it matching my water temepture with the paracel islands area tempeture year round. So if its 77 over there today, so is my water. The controller has a tempeture probe and PH probe that monitor the water. My chiller and heaters turn on depending on what the tempeture probe tells the main unit.

I also matched sun rise and sunset with my lights. I have 3 MH which go from east to west and when its sunrise over there, my east MH turns on followed 15min by central then west. Same for the moon, depending on the moon rise/set my led moonlights turn on. If the sun is not on, my sump light turns on (someone told me this is to help stableize the ph).

So far so good. only thing I must note is that if you buy this controller, DONT PLUG ANYTHING INTO THE EB8 right away! you have to plug the EB8 into the main unit to program it first. I thought everything was broke when I got it so I was really ****ed but turned out I didnt read instructions! I had to keep my mian unit unplugged for 1 hour before giving it power again.

I also found this user guide which is much better than the standard

What I really like about this unit is that its web enabled. Its basically a mini web server. I can control it anywhere in the world from the web...
o and from my iphone!

People think im snazzy turning off my pumps when i manually feed. (they already turn off when my auto feeder starts to feed).

You guys can also monitor my aquarium vitals on your computer.
Just by clicking:
or look at the history:
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