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Sorry I didnt get pictures of my building this mesh top but it was really simple. I bought the 1/4in poly clear mesh from

EDIT: it now looks like you can get it from BRS too

it was a bit expensive to get it to canada but I didnt mind. I went and bought some aluminum framing for window screens from Rona which cost about 50 bucks with all the tools need (you gota get the roller tool, so hard without it) and then just follow instructions.. very simple to do

I think it looks great
The main reason for it is so the fishies dont get away. I dont want a dried up fish on my floor! I didnt put arcylic/glass because i didnt want to trap the heat mainly.

BTW the fish feeder just sits on the top of mesh and drops pellets through the mesh. I didnt need to widen any holes. worked great actually.

Here are some shots of it on

Here is what i look at everyday now while posting messages on this board...

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