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I went to buy some more clean up crew and I came home with fishies!
dammit. They were so cute though, i couldnt pass them up

Bought 7 turbo snails, around 15 other snails, 7 hermit crabs, 2 cinnamon clowns, 1 yellow clown goby, 2 shirmp (not sure what they are but one of them had tons of eggs on her)

Here some pics! im so excited i got some clowns!!

Turbo snails, i love these guys, they zoom across the rock

My buddy came over and saw some hair algea on one of the rocks so he gave me some of his red algea to put in my sump
I put it right where the return comes (i still need socks on it)
hopefully it will help. I also got a bunch of brown stuff on the rocks you can see on the second picture. It wasnt there this morning!

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