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Originally Posted by Murminator View Post
Where do you get these? I have a dispar that can't NLS he will not eat flake he will pick at frozen (1 small peice outa 1000) he is slowly wasting away I tried garlic I even crushed the NLS, he will pick at cyclopleese
I am using Ocean Nutrition pellets. I buy the small pellets. I buy both the Formula one and Formula two and mix them together. When I feed the fish I take only a pinch (maybe 25 or 30 pellets) and sprinkle them into the tank very slowly. I do this twice a day. The fish pick them all up before they hit the bottom. Anthia's will not pick them up off the sand, they only take their food while suspended in the water column.

The feeding of small pellets to Anthia's was a suggestion from Jack at J&L and it has worked very well for more than a year now.

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