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Default Help with Kessil 360we

I have a Kessil 360we tuna blue that does not turn on. I have read that quite a few people have had trouble with this light. The co will take it back and give you $100 off to buy a new Kessil.
But there must be electronics experts out there that could repair circuit boards.
Does anyone know of any?
I've taken mine apart and cleaned the dust off. I do not see any "burned" components. I disconnected the fan, and powered it up, so its not that.
When I plug the light in, it shuts off the wall transformer. So probably a short somewhere. "resting" the transformer, resets it. I have plugged in a good light and the transformer runs it all day, so its not that.
I am at a loss and am hoping someone knows where to bring electronics for repair.
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