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Whole thing is fully hooked up now, all that's left is to finish treating the corals and move the quarantine/frag tank into the sump room so I don't have these extra wires hanging across the hall.

Was expecting the rock to re-cycle after coming out of the tubs but I got the white bacteria film followed by the "brown stage" of algae fairly quick with no spikes of anything. Green hairy algae just started growing too so I added the algae eating crew of snails, urchins, and a powder blue tang. By next weekend I hope to have most of the corals back in barring any problems.

Secret sump room door in storage

It ain't pretty like those all-in-ones or designer plumbing, but it gets the job done.

The room is really small even without the other tank in it, I'm as far back as I can get for these pics. I'll work on the quality of pics too, this old iPhones camera is really starting to show its age compared to newer stuff.
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