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Well I haven't really update this in awhile, well since July. So I have water in it again, it ran hot in the summer time, but keeping the lid open helped a bit, but not quite enough for me. I'll be looking for a chiller for next summer.
As for a skimmer I picked up a fuval sea mini, it seems to be working out ok, maybe not as good as others but it was in the correct price range. I've pulled the fuge out to fit the skimmer in, but I really didn't use it as a fuge.
I was battling algae for a bit but I finally got that under control, Manuel removal during water changes, and scrubbing the rock at the same time cleared it up, plus I think adding to the cuc helped out a lot.
I have a couple of fish in it now, (1 clown and 2 banggai) a skunk shrimp for live stock, as well as the cuc. Just started putting in some corals was waiting for it to stabilize out a bit more before I started putting the in.
Anyways just as update I'll try and get a tank shot up, maybe tomorrow with the lights on.
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