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Default Biocube 29

So I'm getting back into my little reef again after the move. This time I'm wanting to do it once and try to stay away from the upgrade to a larger tank. So far I've got my stock cube, 22 ish lbs of dry rock ( broken up to fit better), dry sand (10lbs), I picked up the intank media rack and fuge ( the fuge, not sure if I'm gonna use it yet) and a rapid led retrofit dimmable led kit ( so I can keep the hood), plus I've got an ATO from my old tank.

Things still need to find are gonna be a heater and a chiller (the house sits facing south and I have a dark floor, water sitting in a cup gets very hot in the summer so the tank will get too hot during those months), some power heads, controller for the led ( thinking of a storm x) as well I'm thinking of doing a larger return pump with a Y lineloc to help with the flow behind of the rock work. Thinking of a skimmer, tunze fits with the media rack or fuge but not both or going with a aquaticlife115 in chamber 1 and keeping a fuge.

As for the overall hopes/thoughts are I want to do a mixed reef with it, not sure of fish or coral yet as that is a bit farther down the road need to get it wet and cycled before I can think of that.

So what else do I need to think of/find to help with my tank, what have I forgotten?

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