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I am glad my piece was mostly well accepted. Kind of a touchy subject since people have so many different opinions on this one. Thanks for the reviews, and those who show appreciation.

Originally Posted by fkshiu View Post
I tend to agree. You should mention that ALL such name brand additives may be had for far cheaper if purchased as bulk chemicals since, for example, all calcium additives are basically Calcium Chloride, and all magnesium additives are Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Sulfate (or a combination thereof) etc etc.

Any discussion of key tank parameters is incomplete without mention of Randy Holmes-Farley and his numerous very insightful and very useful articles on the subject.
Personally, I am not a fan of bulk chemicals for reef keeping, and I regret to say that I can't even explain why very well. I have found over the years that "most" tanks that use bulk chemicals instead of aquarium designed products seem to lack a bit of pizazz. I am sure you could find 500 photos that would prove otherwise, and I would be hard to disagree. However, in my experience I find aquarium designed products outperform bulk chemicals, and I don't know why.

I suppose mentioning Randy Homes-Farley would be a great "for continued reading on the subject, refer to...". This article was written for those who want something simple, and straight forward where Randy's articles are usually quite in depth, and are anything but basic. I will add this though, thanks!

Originally Posted by 'Ol Nobodaddy View Post
two little fishies the best? really you think so? which ones have you put against it that it came out on top?
I really like the C-Balance product. Without listing the different "raw chemical" two-part solutions as I believe that most all aquarium designed two-parts are far superior to most all bulk chemical two-parts I would place TLF C-Balance over Kent Tech-CB, ESV B-Ionic, Salifert All-In-One, and AquaC Complete. I quite like the KNOP products, but they don't really have a two-part.
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