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Got my light and started to finish the upper front panel. I just beefed it up to 1/2", it's actually flush on the right side but exposes that I didn't line the tank up perfectly with the wall on the left and the panel sticks out a bit. Not gonna mess with it anymore, I'll just turn one issue into more. All that is left is to smooth out the panel joint some more and paint it.

I basically ended up with a "wall-o-rock", but jazzed it up a little with an arch up high connected to an island and a low bridge joining the peninsula out front back to the wall. I do like the way more artistic bonsai or reef bommie inspired aquascaping looks, but the good ol' wall offers up so much room for coral. I've kept as few pieces as possible in the back to allow for more flow so it's not so much of a brick in there.

The lights aren't nearly that blue, old iPhone just picks it up soooo much. Now is time to wait for the algae cycles and then add some fish and inverts. In there now are sand sifting stars, tiger cucumbers, and a gold watchman gobie pair with a pistol.
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