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Originally Posted by Jinsen View Post
I dont want to go crazy for my equipments like buying expensive stuff.
But if i got good deal for radeon for example i dont mind going for it.
But for now ill go to 2nd hand stuff like lights and some other things. Except for return pump. Thats the heart of my system so i want it new haha

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Go with titanium heater and external controller, then get a used apex and run it off there, dual control is better failsafe. If you ask me the skimmer is the heart of the system but to each their own... is there a chiller for this system or Do you have ac for the house?

Looks great so far!
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90g starphire cube/400mhRadium20k/2 XHO/2x27w UV/2x39w T5/ 3 Trulumen led strips
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