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Default 75 Gallon with 35 Gallon Sump Mixed Reef

Well Couple of months in and I have to say that the tank is running fine as feck. Honestly its abit disconcerting how well this tank cycled and stabilized compared to previous systems of mine.

So like I said, I picked up an auto doser. Pump one and two on it are running 95ml per day of the 4:1 RO/ATI Essentials mix Part 1 and Part 2. That stuff is honestly the shit. Its a full water change in a bottle. I have only done one water change and it was a small 5% one to stabilize my salinity that slowly dropped due to minor salt creep and dumping the skimmer over a few months. Pump 3 is just for topping up my water. Honestly, Im that lazy. And since Im home everyday I can decide to keep the hose in the RO water for the tank or just pull it out before the next programmed dose time of RO water. Once I get more funds Ill change that into an actual ATO. But for now Im okay with this.

Sump Needs cleaning....Thats for another day.

Also added some more livestock

Yellow Tang. Healthy and Hungry lil Bastard. And pretty curious too.

A Neon Dottyback. I really enjoy watching this guy. He is a hell of a swimmer.

A sand sifting star fish. Curious little creature these are. But it does the job keeping the substrate from turning in a rock of its own.

A small Lobo Brain. Loves its nightly feeding of cyclopods. I hope its colors improve with time.

Neon Green Aussie Branching Duncans. God damn these things grow fast!

A Blue Gonipora. Just starting to reach out.

A Green Gonipora. Happy as can be.

Pretty certain this is some kind of Rhodactus Mushroom. Big Guy once it stretches out. Bright too.

Chaos Palys!!!!!! So So So Bright! And they grow soo fast!

Mystery Palys. The skirts on these were brown when I got them. But are now starting to turn a nice Red.

And then there's everything else in the tank thats from before. All doing good.

And last but not least. FTS

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