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Originally Posted by mseepman View Post
I have the dcp-20000 as my return on my 300 and I'm so impressed. I was running a Reeflo and it was loud and always had seal issues and took too much power. I'm running the Jebao at 70% and it's using only 108watts and putting out the same flow in the tank above according the flow monitor I borrowed. I'm running it external and it's silent.
Glad to hear! I ran an external Panworld for years which was pretty loud too. The part I hated most was the power and heat that I was losing with it being external so this time I wanted to stay in-sump. I was ready to buy two Abyzz A200 but I just couldn't justify the cost, especially since their price has gone up recently.
I was hesitant with Jebao as I had some of the original power heads that were nothing but problems, but the pumps seem to have a better reputation. Plus I can buy like 10+ of these for the cost of the Abyzz pumps.
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