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for those that dont know these are a barb from india that are just barely not on the endagered list. when i bought them 2 years ago they were $25 and now i have seen them for sale as high as $80 each these days. so a really trying to breed them. but they donot breed as easily as other barbs i have kept. all i had to do to get other types of barbs to breed was ad alittle cold water simulating rain, but this does not seem to work for these type. however i am not sure if they have reached sexual maturity yet.

This tank also has 2 lemon spot plecos( breeding pair, so if interested i can take advanced orders as they breeed often its just a case of keepin the fry alive. $10 each. malibu got the first), numoruous pygmy corys, and 2 khuli loaches.
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45 G FW Asain Barb Community tank.

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