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Originally Posted by wickedfrags View Post
I am trying to track down some of these in Canada, either the 100 or 2000 pack...any hints?

I have used these for years, quite simply the best way to get algae to your tangs without making a HUGE mess of the tank. If you are not familiar with them, they stick to the glass in your tank and the fish nibble away. Also a great way to show off your fish.

Any assistance would be appreciated. If not I will have to fo outside Canada...

also, while I know OSI also makes a comparable product I prefer the Sera. That being said, I can not track down these either!
Other than nori for tangs, IMO the best spirulina product is the one that actually has spirulina as it's only ingredient and not a bunch of filler. I don't know about Sera but check before you buy.
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