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Default Spring is in the air!!!

Spring really must be in the air because a couple of cool things happened with the fishies. Very exciting and satisfying for me as these were two big wants since starting the hobby 3 years ago.

First, my clownfish FINALLY decided to graciously accept their host, after a year of ignoring various "tricks" plus I even sold the old colony and got a new anemone back in December.

Then, my mandarins Po and Tigress chose Daylight Savings to perform their spawning dance for the first time - under moonlights of course.

In Jan, my tank marked its 1st anniversary since upgrading from the 75gal. It has been a fun year and I've been lucky in that setbacks have been few and minor. I learned a lot and look forward to more lessons down the road.

1st anniversary of tank upgrade:

New friends:


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